Walk Into Starbucks This Week And Escape

Escape to your local Starbucks this week, grab a snack and enjoy some exclusive perks.

The weather has been less than desirable, but staying cooped up might cause us to lose our minds.

So, where can we escape for a few minutes, or even a few hours, that still feels like home but with some extra perks?

This week, I’m headed to .

This is the perfect escape if you want to get out for some much needed “me” time. Grab your laptop and enjoy a delicious iced or hot drink made by one of the super friendly baristas at Starbucks. Made to order, they cater your drink to your exact specifications or, if you aren’t a huge coffee connoisseur, they suggest a great drink for whatever you are craving.

When opening your laptop, you unleash a world of online content exclusive to Starbucks customers.

While logged into the Starbucks Digital Network, you can read a few select books for free. You can even create an account and chat with others about them. There are new books featured every week, so your reading choices never get stale. This week, dive into the story of 33 Men, the heroic tale of the survival and rescue of the Chilean miners.

Other online features include special content provided by SnagFilms, so you can enjoy select documentaries while you sip an iced chai tea latte or café mocha. Make sure to load your computer with the song-of-the-week, too.

Free music, free streaming films and free books, all in a few hours at Starbucks on the Wentzville Parkway.

Comfortable seating, delicious food and drink and loads of entertainment in your lap make Starbucks a perfect mini vacation.


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