CVS Pharmacy Breaks Ground at New Wentzville Location

CVS Pharmacy plans to build a new Wentzville location at a recently-annexed site that is a piece of a larger unincorporated area within the city limits. But not all residents are happy to see the drug store set up shop. Find out why.

CVS Pharmacy broke ground this week on its new location in Wentzville.

The parcel was subdivided from a larger piece of property that lies in unincorporated St. Charles County, although it is surrounded by the City of Wentzville. The property was formerly owned by the Brune family.

CVS plans to pay for utilities to be brought across Wentzville Parkway from Pitman Funeral Home, and will dedicate 15 feet of right of way for the eventual widening and improvement of Wentzville Parkway.

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The CVS store plans be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with two drive-thru lanes for pharmacy services only.

Not all Wentzville residents are happy about the new pharmacy's location, however, on one of the last remaining pieces of farmland in Wentzville.

On an earlier story about new business, readers commented:

  • Dodi: Since we mentioned the CVS - I'd like to say - I'm sad to see that farm change!!!
  • Jason Buxton: I totally agree... Between the new turn lane on the parkway, the new road intended to continue past the police station, and now the CVS, I think we can expect all of that land to go retail. It's been wonderful to drive home from dinner and still see cows within sight of Dierberg's. I'm upset to see CVS going in. Do we really need another pharmacy?!
Mike C April 24, 2013 at 08:05 PM
It's sad enough that we have 2 Walgreens stores a couple miles apart on the Wentzville parkway already and now this. This land could have been better set for something more useful. Disappointing...
B April 25, 2013 at 09:22 PM
That farm was such a charming sight in Wentzville! Now it looks like a nasty scar. :(
CarolH May 21, 2013 at 09:49 PM
I personally am excited that CVS is coming to Wentzville. All of our prescriptions are required to be filled at CVS and there is not a store close to have that done. I either have to drive to Mid Rivers Mall area or drive quite a distance to the CVS in Ofallon out off of Hwy N near Cottleville. Both of these locations require me having to leave Wentzville and I personally would rather my money stay in our city. Unless you prefer I spend my pharmacy money at the Lake of the Ozarks which is my other option but also not convenient unless I am planning to be there already!


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