Wentzville Gun Shop Sees Surge in Sales

Ted Brand of Heartland Guns and Ammo is eager for construction of the shop's new gun range.

If the shelves at Heartland Guns and Ammo in Wentzville are any indication, area gun owners and shooting enthusiasts are concerned about the availability of guns and supplies—or maybe they're just expressing their support of their second-amendment rights.

Patch stopped by the gun shop last week to ask about business in light of President Obama's gun control plans.


  • President Obama's New Gun Control Plan Released Wednesday
  • NRA Responds to President's Gun Control Proposals

Sarah McCoy, wife of owner Mark McCoy, said "We made a run Tuesday to buy cases of 9mm, and it's gone. Our shelves over there, with the .223, we can't keep it. Our shelves were pretty empty."

Ted Brand, the manager of the shop, assured Patch that recent talks of new control legislation have not changed his mind about the expansion of the store or the addition of an indoor shooting range.

"I really don't believe they can get these harsh measures through Congress. A lot of Democrats are hunters and shooters too," Brand said.

Patriot January 22, 2013 at 10:56 PM
Today, there was another shooting with 2 shooters.....tell me how a magazine with only 7 rounds would have taken care of 2 or more shooters ....so that debunks the "magazine" size and quantity issue as well. As we all felt the sorrow of the Aurora, CO movie theater episode, the theaters now have policemen on duty and I for one feel much safer. We need to give that safety to our children in the schools as well. We have armed guards that protect our government officials, hollywood stars & others along with our money in armored cars but we wouldn't do this for our kids? We don't need executive orders or more legislation....how about enforcing the laws we ALREADY have on the books and make sure that those who break those laws are PROSECUTED!
Patriot January 22, 2013 at 10:58 PM
None of the proposed legislation OR THE EXECUTIVE ORDERS would have prevented any of the shootings. GUNS don't kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. Should we ban CARS???...some people have used them to kill people! EVERY shooter in the last school shootings either surrendered or shot themselves when someone entered the picture that was a "THREAT" to THEM....and those people were people with GUNS! Every school should be ARMED much like that of the SKY MARTIALS on airplanes....you don't know EXACTLY WHO is armed until they're needed. Principals, teachers, custodians, support staff....ANYONE (& there should be multiple people in the schools who are armed at all times) who goes thru a gun training course that is ongoing to remain certified to "carry" should be able to carry or be in possession within the school zone, a gun to protect themselves and our children. AND TAKE DOWN THE "NO GUN ZONE" signs... I have a burglar alarm with 2 signs in my yard that says I have an alarm, but I WOULD NOT put a sign on my home that said I have no guns!.. It's only common sense! Look at the 506 gun murders in Chicago...a city with NO armed citizens except the police....guess the CRIMINALS DIDN'T GET THE MEMO that it was a gun free zone!! And if every citizen obeyed the law, we wouldn't be calling them CRIMINALS now would we? CRIMINALS don't follow the rule of law!...only law abiding citizens follow the law.


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