Local Voices: Little Green Men, Dental Insurance Nightmares and Clothing That Makes You Invisible

“Patch” rounds up seven recent standout blog posts from Local Voices bloggers.

WWhether you need advice about saving money on healthcare, ideas on how to improve your image at work or you just love a good story, the Local Voices bloggers have you covered this week.

As the resident blog-o-phile, I can’t seem to pull myself away from the genius that spills forth from the keyboards of our blogging neighbors. That’s why once again, I’m here to share seven of the most interesting, entertaining and/or useful posts I found around Patchland this week.

  • They’re all symptoms of allergies, of course—most people know that. But there are other, less recognized symptoms—and there are many ways you can ease those symptoms to make the season more bearable, according to Des Peres Hospital blogger Simone Valle and her expert, Dr. Paul E. Burk, a board-certified ENT specialist.
  • Local Voices blogger and business employee benefit issues expert Scott Stream offers four sound bits of advice that you may not have heard before in his latest post.
  • No, seriously. Viet Nam veteran and Local Voices blogger John Morrissette shares a story from the trenches that’s sure to leave you wondering about the existence of aliens in his latest post, entitled Navy Tales: Running From an Alien Invasion.
  • It’s true, according to Local Voices blogger and EMT-P Ray Antonacci, who shares what he’s learned in the years since Joshua broke his arm and offers advice on what to do if you suspect a break or sprain.
  • Dentist and Local Voices blogger Gregory A. Purcel gets to the bottom of the myths and spells out the facts when it comes to dental insurance.  As he so eloquently points out, sometimes dental insurance can be more painful than paying the bills yourself.
  • Local Voices blogger Ginny Baldridge shares five common executive image mistakes (and how to avoid them) in her latest post. Among the offending mistakes are clothing that makes you invisible, inappropriate office attire, falling head-first into fashion trends, too many or too few accessories and a dated hairstyle.  
  • Local Voices blogger Sade Tagbo offers five reasons that your business needs to be using social media in 2012—and they all lead to one thing: happier customers and better profit margins. What are you waiting for?

As you might know, this is only a very small cross-section of the Patch Local Voices blogger population. Which blog posts did you enjoy this week? Share your favorites in the comments section, below.

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