Missouri Says U.S. Fidelis Founder Owes $1.7 Million To The State

According to the Associated Press, Darain Atkinson owes $1.7 Million in personal income tax, fees, and interest.

According to the Associated Press and an article posted today on KMOV.com, U.S. Fidelis founder Darain Atkinson owes $1.7 Million to the state of Missouri.

The Missouri Department of Revenue filed a tax lien against Atkinson this month stating that Atkinson owes revenue from personal income tax, fees and interest.

Darain Atkinson and his brother, Cory, were in St. Charles County Circuit Court last month on charges of stealing, insurance fraud and unlawful merchandising practices.

The Atkinson brothers are due back in court for a on Aug. 26.

For more information about indictments on the Atkinson brothers and U.S. Fidelis, see our previous coverage .

Fraud Buster August 20, 2011 at 11:51 AM
Darain Atkinson funneled funds from U.S. Fidelis through his wife, Miyong (Mia) for years. Miyong's parents were poor when she married Darain. Now they own three homes, wear Rolex watches, drive a Mercedes; nonetheless, they've managed to stay out of the spot light and was not named in the bankruptcy complaint brought forth by the creditors of U.S. Fidelis. Ironically, anyone who benefited from the stolen funds had to forfeit their possessions. Miyong's parents (Chun and Insook Kim) reside in Sacramento, California. What's interesting is they haven't paid any taxes on the "gifts" and monthly stipends they received over the course of seven years. I wonder when the IRS will get a sniff of this and pursue this matter??


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