Six Styles of Muck Boots at Wentzville MFA

On the sixth day of Christmas, Downtown Wentzville has for me: six styles of muck boots.

Ah, wintertime.

It brings us the holiday season, parties and gift giving and family memories. And it also brings icy sidewalks, snow drifts and dead batteries, unfortunately.

Wentzville MFA has plenty of things to help with all that—and plenty of gift ideas, too.

On one wall, the MFA has a display of muck boots in six different styles, including stylish camo and pink and blue muck boots. If you know someone who has to spend a lot of time outside in all kinds of weather, what a perfect gift!

Other timely gift ideas, like warm work gloves and battery chargers, are also in stock at the MFA.

MFA is known for grass seed, lawn care needs, livestock supplies and feeds. But did you know that you can also get a variety of bird feeds and bird seed? Think about our little feathered friends this Christmas!

They also carry several styles of gun safes for the hunter in your family.


Check out the rest of our 12 Days of Christmas in Downtown Wentzville series:


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