Déjà vu? Me too!

Déjà vu? Does it happen to you?

I've been trying to figure out what to blog about, and I'm having difficulty narrowing it down. I am not an expert on every topic regarding "new age" or "metaphysical" topics. There are two areas I do feel more advanced though. Of course, one is Reiki. I love providing sessions to people who need them, but I'm not yet ready to offer classes to teach others or provide attunements. Also, I consider myself a "Law of Attraction Adviser." I've read a ton of stuff on it, been a part of webinars, seminars, YouTube...I mean hours and hours soaking up information about it. I've studied books written 50+ years ago regarding it — talk about some dry material. I've even helped some friends reach some goals by applying the law of attraction. By the way, that was really rewarding. As I mentioned before, those are the two areas I'm the strongest in...remember when I started this blog...it's meant to expand our minds and see where the spiritual path will take us. Some we'll agree with, and others we won't. The key to "grow" and "step out of your comfort zone."

Let's talk about Déjà vu...what is it exactly? We aren't talking about the movie with Denzel Washington or the glitch in the movie "The Matrix". Normal Déjà vu, for most people, is the feeling of having experienced the same situation previously. One theory is that before we are born we map out different events in our lives. Some believe that if you experience Déjà vu then it means you are on the right path. Others believe that it is simply part of the reincarnation process. Scientists will pass it off as a chemical imbalance or the results of pharmaceutical drugs. Of course, we know where skeptics stand.

It's really up to you on which one you think it is. I will share a Déjà vu experience I've had recently. The other day I was standing in my kitchen, and had I a intense feeling of having been in that exact moment before...I'm not talking about a "I've been sitting here in this spot, reading this news article, and life never changes type of routine." The Déjà vu experience that I had involved all five senses...the sound rain falling outside, the smell in the air, the sound of my daughter laughing, the coffee I was drinking, and down to what how the cotton shirt felt against my skin. FYI, I was wearing a new shirt. It was eerie. This is something I'm going to have to spend more time researching and learning about, but it is a fascinating subject. What about you? Have you experienced Déjà vu before? Next time, if/when you do...really take time to stop and be in that moment. See where that moment takes you. Does it feel paranormal, spiritual or supernatural? Or does it just feel like a repeat of things you've done over and over again?

I think sometimes we automatically try to come up with rational explanations. We don't try to search for another answer. Maybe we do that out of fear? If everyone really thought about how it couldn't just be explained away rationally...it means we have a whole lot to learn, and we may not be as advanced as we thought we were.

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Jared England November 07, 2011 at 09:11 PM
I have felt something before that resembled an eerily similar feeling. It has happened more than once and in more than one situation. Being familiar with Deja Vu, I have no problem with experiencing it. I simply have no explanation for it.


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