Help Us to 1,000 Facebook Fans, and the Donuts and Coffee are on Us!

Help Wentzville Patch get to 1,000 Facebook "likes" before the new year, and we'll celebrate with free coffee and donuts at the Wentzville Donut Café.

ONE THOUSAND. Such a nice, round number.

Our wish here at Wentzville Patch is to make it to 1,000 Facebook "likes" before the end of the year. We're at 849 right now, so we think that with a little help from all of you, we can make it there.

Click here to go to the Wentzville Patch Facebook Page.

We're so eager to get to that 1K mark, we're willing to make a deal: help us get there, and we'll pay for donuts and coffee to celebrate. Our friends at the Wentzville Donut Café are going to help us out on that end.

(And while you're on Facebook, how about liking the Wentzville Donut Café's Facebook page, too? Just click this link.)

So please help us out, and invite your friends and family to like us, too. It's a great way for friends and family who are no longer living in the Wentzville area to keep up with what's going on in the old home town!

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