Lake Saint Louis Police Crack Down on Illegal Fireworks

Lake Saint Louis Police will confiscate illegal fireworks as contraband.

(The following press released was issued by the .)

The Lake Saint Louis Police Department reminds residents that except for authorized professional pyrotechnics displays conducted under the supervision of the police and fire departments, fireworks are prohibited within the city limits.  

Due to the heat and drought conditions the agency will be especially proactive in its response to violators.

“It only takes one spark to start a fire,” said Chief Michael Force. “Playing with sparklers in the back yard may seem innocent enough, but it puts the community and its residents at risk. It’s our duty to enforce the ordinance and citizen cooperation is critical to ensure public safety.”

Lake Saint Louis Police will confiscate illegal fireworks as contraband. Citations may be issued to offenders based on the circumstances and severity of the violation.

The Lake Saint Louis City Code prohibits the sale, transfer, use, discharge, ignition, lighting, marketing, displaying, or possession of fireworks in the City at any time. The term “fireworks,” as defined by the ordinance, includes such devices as sparklers, fountains, torches, ground spinners, roman candles, toy canons, bottle rockets, skyrockets, firecrackers, chasers, and missile-type rockets.  Also included in the definition are pipe bombs, mines, shells, blank cartridges and other forms of pyrotechnic and explosive devices.

In short, any individual who possesses or ignites any form of explosive or pyrotechnic device is in violation of the ordinance. Contact the Lake Saint Louis Police Department at 625-8018 if you need assistance identifying or disposing of fireworks.

The only exception provided for in the ordinance is an authorized public demonstration or display, such as the one being produced by the Lake Saint Louis Ambassadors in cooperation with the and the . This professionally planned and executed display continues a long and memorable tradition of fireworks spectaculars presented for the enjoyment of the community.

By making this event the focal point of the Independence Day celebration, residents encourage compliance with the City’s ordinances and ensure a safer, more enjoyable holiday for all.

The and the Lake Saint Louis Police Department are working very closely to ensure a safe and secure environment for the celebration and pyrotechnics display. Police advise that Lake Saint Louis Boulevard will be closed from the Bent Oak Cutoff to the western end of the spillway bridge from 8 a.m. on July 4 and will remain closed until setup, execution and cleanup of the pyrotechnics display has been completed and the area has been cleared by the fire department.


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