Veterans Day in Wentzville: The Reading of the Fallen

Participants at the Wentzville event read the names of 1,750 of the 1.2 million who have died for their nation since the American Revolution.

More than 80 people came to Wentzville's Law Enforcement Center Sunday to support a nationwide veteran recognition event called The Reading of the Fallen.

The event, which was organized by the veterans group The Fight Continues, was a nationwide effort to read the names of every one of the 1.2 million soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their country since the American Revolution.

The Wentzville group, which was chaired by Wentzville aldermen Forrest Gossett, Rick Stokes, Cheryl Kross, Sonya Shryock and Chris Gard, Wentzville Police Chief Lisa Harrison, Wentzville Mayor Nick Guccione, and Zip Sherman, read 1,750 of those names.

The Fight Continues group decided to pursue this project to commemorate the first Veterans Day after the end of the Iraq war. The historic event was held simultaneously in 600 locations across the United States.


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