Will You Boycott Butterball Turkeys This Thanksgiving?

Mercy for Animals says that Butterball turkeys suffer a lifetime of abuse and violence.

A group called Mercy for Animals is airing commercials in the Chicago area this Thanksgiving that urge shoppers to reconsider buying a Butterball turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

The commercial, shown in a YouTube video attached to this story, shows footage taken from undercover video of turkeys being kicked and thrown and dragged by their necks, as well as turkeys suffering from wounds and injuries and filthy conditions.   

Undercover MFA investigators say that their documentation of the violence and prolonged suffering of turkeys shows Butterball's lack of meaningful animal welfare policies, training, or procedures.

Butterball's response—internal investigations and suspension of identifiable workers whose identities they can discern from the video—has led MFS to create a website, www.ButterballAbuse.com, with information about the investigations.

MFA has also created a site with "compassionate" alternatives at www.PardonATurkey.com.


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