Disabled Diva: There But for the Grace of God

My thoughts on the government cutting or making changes to services for the disabled.

I'm not political at all.  I'm more pop culture than political.  There is an issue though that is a concern to me and has me upset enough to blog about it.  That issue is the future of health care, in this country,  for the disabled. Medicaid.

While I'm not on Medicaid, the majority of disabled people I know are.  Services should not be cut and all states should want to participate in the funding of Medicaid.  I was watching the news last week when I noticed the crawl at the bottom of the screen.   If I read it correctly,  it said that the state of Missouri would begin considering putting disabled individuals into managed care facilities in 2013.  I'm assuming this means people with chronic or pre-existing conditions. 

I'm not going to give you a lot  of boring statistics.  Disabled people deserve good health care choices. They should not be penalized for not being able to work a full time job.  And, they most definitely should not be warehoused in managed care facilities just to cut costs.

I love my country , but I think sometimes lawmakers forget that the disabled are people who deserve the same rights as everyone else.  The United States is always ready to help other countries.  Yet, lawmakers would consider cutting or changing services to the disabled citizens of their own country.  It just doesn't seem right or fair to me.

My home care is costly.  I went to a state agency several months ago and asked if I could get a little assistance from them in paying a portion of my monthly home care bill. I was told to get any help from them at all I'd have to be totally on Medicaid. I. could have no funds at all.    I have always tried to be a productive member of society, but I can understand why a lot of disabled people don't work.  It's because they are afraid of losing their assistance.They have no real incentive to work.

I just wrote from my heart.  It seems to me the answer is clear.  Having a disability is enough of a challenge.  Disabled people deserve to have a good quality of life.  They shouldn't have to worry about changes or cuts to their services.  Before lawmakers make cuts or changes to services for the disabled, they should stop for a moment and remember, "There But For The Grace Of God Go I."

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Al Mount October 26, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Very good article Joanne. I am a 65 year old disabled Vietnam vet on Medicare, etc. This current administration scares the hell out of me. If nothing else, the Bengazi debacle shows they can't be trusted to tell the truth. What is there yet about Obama care we haven't been told. Scary scary stuff.
Joanne Grana October 26, 2012 at 12:25 PM
thank you for your comment. i guess we just have to wait and see until after the election and pray.
Steve Farmer October 26, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Joanne, I am so glad that I came across your post in the Patch which led me to your blog! I am a retired Navy veteran and first time political candidate running for a little known position ( info: http://myleaderpaper.com/pages/?p=14957#more-14957 ) in Jefferson county; and should I earn the trust of the people and the honor of serving the community, I very much look forward to learning from you and finding solutions to help the most vulnerable in our community! Warm regards and God bless!
Joanne Grana October 26, 2012 at 10:21 PM
thank you very much for your comments. good luck in the race. i don't pretend to know a lot. i just write about what is important to me and about what i have learned in my journey through life. if what i write helps others in some way, i'm happy and rewarded.


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