Letter to the Editor: Help Support Veterans Memorial Park

Lake Saint Louis' Veterans Memorial Park is benefiting from the fundraising efforts of O'Fallon resident Jim Frain and the Veterans Commission.

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Letter to the Editor:

Greetings to My Friends,

I am involved in what I believe to be a worthwhile effort with my neighboring city, Lake Saint Louis, Missouri.  

A very special friend of mine, Bill Cullen, is a true hero. Without going into any details of his career in the armed forces, I want you to know that he just had his 17th surgery to correct the ravages of Agent Orange that he made contact with many times and many years ago as a pilot in Vietnam. 

Bill and I have teamed up on this effort with the Veteran's Commission in Lake Saint Louis and the City of .

If you should be moved to purchase one of these framed photos for yourself, a family member or a friend, both Bill and I would be sincerely appreciative.
They would make a wonderful Father's Day Gift and I would be glad to deliver or ship to you.

Every cent of the money that we collect goes directly to the maintenance and upgrades to the . All of the details of our efforts are below.

Jim Frain


A unique and stirring photograph, displayed for the first time in Lake Saint Louis at this year’s Memorial Day ceremony at Veteran’s Memorial Park, has captured the attention and endorsement of area residents in a big way.

This one-of-a-kind patriotic salute is being offered as a memento for contributions earmarked to support the Lake Saint Louis Veteran’s Memorial Park. At the Memorial Day ceremony, area residents contributed more than $520 in exchange for copies of the photo.

The photo is available in four sizes with a choice of frame colors for donations of $10 to $50. All proceeds – 100 percent – from donations to acquire a copy of the photograph  will go towards the upkeep and improvements of the Lake Saint Louis Veteran’s Memorial Park, according to Darren Noelken, interim director of parks and recreation; and Ralph Barrale, chairman of the Veterans Volunteer Committee which plans and produces annual Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies at the park.

The photograph, (pictured with this article) was taken during the Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Service in in 2007, shows the emblem found on the POW/MIA flag superimposed in the center of the American flag.

The picture is not a “trick” photograph, nor one that has been created through manipulation of computer software. It was taken during rainy and windy weather, when ; the wind blew the POW/MIA flag into the national colors. It stuck there momentarily, and the photographer (who wishes to remain anonymous) snapped the picture.  

The full-color photos are offered in 5” x 7” ($10 donation), 11” x 14” ($20 donation); 16” x 20” ($35 donation) and 24” x 36” ($50 donation). All sizes will be available with either a black or a white frame.

Citizens also may support the veterans park by a donation for an engraved commemorative brick (pictured with this article) that will be placed in the park alongside other bricks saluting or memorializing veterans. The bricks are available for a donation of $100, and include three lines of engraving where the donor may honor a relative or friend who has served in the U.S. armed forces, or simply offer a congratulatory tribute to all veterans.

Currently, more than 400 such bricks are on display in the park, but there is room for many more. Orders for photos may be placed with Jim Frain at 314-780-1811, or e-mail, jimfrain@aol.com. Orders for bricks may be placed with the Lake Saint Louis Parks and Recreation Department, 636-625-1200.


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