Mom, Kids Gear Up for Fall Extracurricular Activities

As the school year starts, our columnist looks back at the year that was.

Labor Day has come and gone, the days are starting to cool and the nights are getting even cooler. If you weren’t back into the swing of things before, you definitely are by now. School has started, and that can only mean one thing: busy families.

For my family that means one night after another with hockey and soccer practices. I’ve quickly fallen back into bad habits of feeding my family on the go and doing homework on the fly. What happened to me? , I vowed to start packing fruits, veggies and other easily portable foods rather than grabbing fast food or concession stand junk. I also sought help from a teacher on get his homework done faster. Why haven’t I been following those rules this year?

Have you started this school year out with fresh new habits, or fallen back into the old habits that aren’t always the best for your family?

After thinking about this, I started to browse through stories I’ve written for Wentzville throughout the past year. It made me think about all of the questions I’ve asked the readers and the outcome of situations in my family.

I still haven’t decided whether or not to make their own extracurricular decisions. My 12-year-old daughter announced her retirement from sports last spring, and while we’ve accepted that, she seems to be in a holding pattern with all other activities as well. It’s made me second-guess giving her that freedom. Would forcing her to play for another year have reinforced the desire to be more involved in her? I would still love to hear how other parents handle situations like this.

As for updates to my other stories, my stepson has decided to throw in the towel on and focus all of his attention on band. We are thrilled that he made a mature, wise decision that will impact his entire future in a positive way. In addition, we are fundraising like crazy for a family trip to Hawaii next year for a competition. I’m sure all of my will come in handy once again.

My boys are back on the this fall and are both on traveling teams. Stay tuned for what I’m sure will be a tell-all season of parents living vicariously through their children, since these kids are only 8 and 10 years old.

My youngest has done her last back flip and moved back to the soccer field for the fall season. This year, she’s playing on a new team with girls a year older than her, so this will be challenging and exciting year for her. Stick around to hear more stories about me her on from the sidelines. 


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