The Best of Next Generation: From Hand-Me-Downs to Teen Pregnancy

Let's take a look back at seven weeks of thoughtful parenting advice from columnist Joe Smith.

While Joe Smith nurses a crashed computer back to health, let's take a look back at his columns over the last few weeks. Joe's thoughtful advice to parents will still ring true—even years from now. -Ed.

The Kid Whose Parents Didn't Care
Billy looked different, dressed different, and acted different than everyone else, but really he was just like all of us. Except for one thing.

Into the Middle School Jungle with Hand-Me-Down Air Jordans
These shoes held the power to change his life.

Middle School Parents: Preparing for a Leap Forward in Your Child's Sexuality
When those "chemical reactions" start to explode, a middle-schooler's parents need to be ready for everything—including pregnancy and STDs.

A Valuable Middle-School Lesson: Sometimes You Just Can't Win
There are people that just won’t like you. And it’ll never change, even if you do.

How Will You Respond When Your Teen Says 'I'm Gay'?
Because it matters how you respond. Believe me.

What in the world does a teenager know about taking care of a baby?

Teens and STD's: Old Enough to Choose Protection
If you believe that your child isn’t having some sort of sex then almost half of you are wrong.


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