The Second Cup: It's Snow Joke, Winter's Here

You've had your first cup of coffee; now relax with the second and find out what's up for the day in Lake Saint Louis.

Good morning, Lake Saint Louis!

It finally caught up with us—winter, I mean. So we have our first school-closing snow day of 2012. My husband, who works in Clayton, reported a couple hours ago that he didn't manage to make it over 20 mph between Lake Saint Louis and Mid Rivers Mall Drive.

I asked if that was because of the snow or because of the traffic. He said "Yes."

Funny guy.

But looking out of my window, it really doesn't look like a lot of the stuff has fallen. There are still patches of green grass poking through. Sometimes it's just the anticipation of snow that causes more mayhem in our lives. Did schools close because they were expecting more? Is the traffic bad because people expect the road conditions to be poor?

Turns out there's more than one definition to the word "snow." That's why it's our word of the day today.

What else is going on? It's been a busy morning already at Patch. I love this and simple courtesy. I'm going to have to try it with my family.

. And if you're interested in veteran's issues, to St. Louis.


Word of the day: Snow (as a verb)—to cause to believe what is not true: bamboozle, beguile, bluff, con, dupe, gull, hoax, hoodwink, mislead, snooker, sucker, trick (Thanks, Merriam-Webster online)


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