Timberland Nation Should Work Together to Promote Clubs and Organizations

Why aren’t we using the incredible resources that our school provides?

could become its own country.

The cafeteria’s abundance of toasted ravioli and processed beans could provide us with mediocre, yet sound, food. The family consumer students could sew everyone’s clothes while the chemistry lab could provide us with heat by Bunsen burner during cold nights. We even have thespians and the school band to provide entertainment for us when we’re bored.

Our high school has unlimited resources and is bursting with talent from students and faculty.

But why aren’t we using the incredible resources that our school provides? 

One reason we can’t are the strict rules and policies the district has on using equipment. I am not saying there should not be rules—some of the equipment at Timberland costs hundreds or thousands of dollars and should rightfully be protected (money doesn’t grow on trees). But there there comes a point when rules are so strict that it is almost impossible to accomplish anything.

Responsible and productive students should be able to use the plentiful equipment and get help from faculty as much as possible.

Honestly, the students who are careless with equipment are most likely not the types of students that would be asking to use them for projects anyway.

Organizations at Timberland are very active and have an extensive amount of resources. Student council has a multitude of paper and contacts. DECA has a t-shirt making machine and a button maker. Art club has a poster-making machine, more paint than Picasso’s studio and advanced laptops with thousands of dollars worth of Adobe programs. The family consumer sciences department has washers, dryers, stoves and ovens. The theater and woodshop department could probably build a house with all the wood and tools they have.

What would happen if we all worked together? What would happen if we all used what we had to produce something fantastic?

While the departments at Timberland all have different resources to provide, there is one thing that they all have in common: capable, creative and productive students and teachers.

The leaders that are in these clubs and programs are active and responsible juniors and seniors. We are the next generation. The future is up to us and we are the student body that is going to move this country further.

Yes, we are young, but we are a motivated, capable and technologically savvy. We should be able to unify and help our school produce events and projects that will yield profit and pride.

Events such as the talent show, DECA fashion show and Mr. THS are all coming up soon. Instead of getting t-shirts from an outside t-shirt provider, we should work a deal out with DECA. Instead of drawing handwritten shoddy advertisements for events, we should be going to DECA and creative art students to help create ads and go to the art department to print off quality posters. Do you need help sewing a button onto your tux or dress for prom? Go to the FACS department to ask for help and use one of the many sewing machines.

We should all work together. Plus, by working together, we keep the school economy circling. We all host events and raise money; we can all pay each other for use of each other’s equipment and expertise.  

Timberland can be more than just a school that we go to from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

It can be a nation: Timberland Nation.  



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