Criminal Minds: Tortoise Theft, Backflow Preventers, Perfume Problem - and a Runaway Mailbox?

A roundup of odd, unusual and head-scratching crime reports in and around the area.

Police Should Look for Missing Turtle at a Shell Station

A resident in Webster Groves is missing the pet tortoise that called the front yard of a home on California avenue its home. The 30-40-pound tortoise, which has a dog ID tag affixed to its back was apparently stolen Apr. 22.

Burglars Make Effort to Steal Hot Property

Thieves couldn't quite complete a burglary attempt when they tried to steal a stove from a house that was for sale on South Fillmore Street in Kirkwood Apr. 2. The stove was out of the house but found on the property.

Something Must Not Have Smelled Right

Richmond Heights police are looking for a shopper who attempted to return a bottle of perfume at Hollister in the Saint Louis Galleria on Apr. 22. When the return was denied, the customer threw the perfume bottle at the store manager, who was hit in the face. A security guard recorded the customer's license plate number. Police are sniffing out the suspect.

They Didn't Get Fries With That

Four 18-year-olds were detained in the Shop N Save parking lot in Arnold and issued summonses for underage drinking after an employee of a drive-through fast food restaurant called police about the teens. They were released after being issued the court summonses.

Crime Prevention Needed for Backflow Preventers

The theft of stolen catalytic converters is relatively common and well know as thieves steal the items and sell them for the metal content. In O'Fallon, MO, however, the newest trend apparently is to steal backflow prevention devices from residential of commercial sprinkler system. O'Fallon police reported four instances in the first week of April alone. The devices, which prevent water from "backflowing" back into the drinking water supply are valued for their copper content.

It Was Likely Full of Bills and Mail Order Catalogs

Police in Lake Saint Louis found a mailbox laying on a property on Savoy Drive.

Where Do You Conceal Something Like This?

A business on Fountain Lakes Parkway in St. Charles reported a 50-foot tractor trailer was stolen on April 4. The warehouse manager told police the trailer was being leased from Wells Fargo and had last been seen on March 25.



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