Man Arrested in Wentzville for DWI, Assaulting Officers

Motorist was pulled over Tuesday and began struggling with officers after failing a sobriety test.

A man was arrested Tuesday in Wentzville and charged with driving while intoxicated, assaulting police officers who tried to arrest him, resisting arrest and driving while his license was revoked.

According to court documents, a officer saw the driver Richard E. Jones, 26, stop past the white lines on flashing red lights twice while driving on Wentzville Parkway near Luetkenhaus Boulevard. The officer also wrote that Jones had trouble staying in his lane.

After Jones was pulled over, he told the officer he had no license and no proof of insurance, according to the officer’s written statement. He failed a sobriety test, and the officer estimated a blood-alcohol level at .08 percent or higher based on Jones’ performance.

When the officer tried to arrest Jones, he pulled away and began trying to hit and kick the officers trying to restrain him. He tore the arresting officer’s clothes.

While at the hospital, he threatened to take the officer’s gun and shoot him and told the police officer he would “whoop my ass if he saw me off duty.”

The officer stated that Jones has prior violent offenses.

Bond was set at $20,000 cash only. He is being held by Wentzville Police.


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