Nicked: Man Steals Hundreds of Razor Blades Valued at $4,100, Police Say

The man stole the blades at three Walmart stores in St. Charles County, and was arrested during a fourth attempt, police said.

A man stole at least 250 razor blade packages valued at $4,100 from three St. Charles County Walmart stores, police said. The packages contained at least 838 razor blades.

The man was arrested in the Friday as he attempted to steal more razor blades.

Robert E. Ruch, 32, of the 5100 block of Waterman Blvd. in St. Louis, was charged Monday with three counts of felony theft and resisting arrest.

A St. Charles Police report said Ruch stole 66 packages with five razor blades each and 82 packages with four razor blades each from the , 2897 Veterans Memorial Parkway. The items were valued at $2,108.

He also shoplifted razor blades from Walmart stores in St. Peters and .

Ruch stole more than 838 razor blades, according to reports.

The report didn’t list the items stolen, but the stolen items were listed as valued at more than $500. A report said he stole 98 packages of various Gillette razors valued at $2,004, but did not list how many razors were in each package.

Police said he would hide the packages in his shirt or waistband and walked out the exit. Alarms sounded, but he got in a waiting older model red pickup truck.

Ruch told police he stole the razor blades because he had no money, and he sold them to flea markets and small shop owners in the area, according to a police report.

Police said he resisted arrest by fleeing and getting away in the pickup.

Bond for Ruch was set at $5,000.

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