Pets Rescued From Camden Apartment Fire Wednesday

Three pets—two dogs and a cat—were rescued by firefighters from the burned apartments.

Reunions are wonderful occasions, and Patch was on hand for a very special reunion Wednesday afternoon when a resident of the fire-devastated Camden apartments was reunited with her pets, a small terrier-type dog and a black-and-white cat.

Firefighters located the pets after the fire was out, in a corner of one of the apartments. Fortunately, the fire had traveled through the common attic space and not in the living space. All the pets were stressed by their experience, Assistant Fire Chief Robb Watkins said. "They were alive—surprisingly. They were waiting in a corner of a bedroom, waiting for someone to come and get them. They would not move on their own," Watkins said.

Emergency personnel tried to give oxygen to a third pet, an Australian Shepherd dog that was also rescued.


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