Truck Driver and Daughter Fought Deputies After Traffic Stop, Officials Say

After arguing about a traffic stop, a tractor trailer driver begins fighting with a deputy and his daughter joined in the fight, according to a St. Charles County Sheriff's Department report.

A father and daughter assaulted two St. Charles County Sheriff’s deputies Friday on westbound Interstate 70 at mile marker 204, according to a report.

Francisco Ramon, 42, of Denver, and his daughter, Francine Becerra, 21, of Belleville, IL, each were charged Monday with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.

A St. Charles County Sheriff's deputy reported that he pulled over a tractor-trailer for changing lanes when it was not safe to change lanes.

The driver, Francisco Becerra, got out of the truck and began yelling and cursing at him and smelled of alcohol, the deputy said.  The deputy said he asked for the man’s license, log book and medical card, but Becerra was argumentative and denied his request.

The deputy said he asked the man to get back in the truck and talk with him through the window. Becerra turned toward the truck, stopped and turned around and resumed yelling, according to the deputy’s report.

After the deputy warned him, Becerra took a fighting stance. The deputy grabbed his arm and told Becerra he was under arrest. Becerra then “began fighting wildly,” the officer said.

A second deputy arrived and joined in the fight. Francine Becerra, who was in the truck cab unknown to the other officers, then began throwing things at the deputies through an open cab window.

The officers got Francisco Becerra under control. Francine Becerra threatened to shoot the deputies, rolled up the truck window, locked the cab doors and went behind a curtained area at the rear of the cab, the deputy reported.

The deputies broke the cab window and told Francine Becerra she was under arrest. A struggle ensued as the officers extracted Becerra from the cab, according to the report.

Francisco and Francine Becerra each were being held in St. Charles County jail Monday. Bail was set at $2,500 each.

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Marshell February 15, 2013 at 05:56 PM
$2500 in bail money, or $250 actual out-of-pocket expense...please judge may I have you when I commit a crime? What a farce; thanks to this judge, these two are hanging around Bass Pro looking for sympathy and a hand-out. Lock'em up and give them a good old Missouri welcome for several months, confiscate their rig, sell it and pay the officers a little extra for having to put up with the likes of these two "white trash" !
Bacon February 16, 2013 at 02:43 PM
When you commit a crime? What crimes do you plan to commit? Doubtful the judge will be as lenient on you as your crimes are clearly pre-meditated. Most folks don't wake up in the morning "planning" to commit crimes, yet life has a way of popping up on you. I'm not defending the actions of the accused, or suggesting that physically assaulting anyone unprovoked, let alone a deputy is in any way considered acceptable. But I am suggesting that your lack of presence at the event in question, more than likely little to no legal training in either a police officer or juris doctorate capacity, and attitude of superiority and middle school name calling is both churlish and unnecessary.


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