Wentzville Area Man Charged With Assault of Sheriff's Deputy

The man is accused of threatening a neighbor with a pocket knife after damaging the neighbor's yard.

A Wentzville area man is being charged with unlawful use of a weapon, resisting arrest and assaulting a law enforcement officer with injury.

According to a St. Charles County Sheriff's Department deputy’s report, Frank C. Nagle, 54, of Jackson Oaks Court just southwest of Wentzville, drove across a lawn in the 2800 block of Jackson Road. Nagle's vehicle, the report said, left eight-inch deep ruts that were 15 feet long in his next-door neighbor’s lawn.

Nagle allegedly stopped in the yard and confronted the homeowner, and threatened him. He then opened a pocket knife with a four-inch blade and held it about a foot from the man’s chest and said, “I’ll cut your head off,” according to the report.

He then left in his vehicle, leaving a second set of ruts in the yard.

When a St. Charles County Sheriff’s deputy went to his house and informed him he was under arrest, Nagle cursed at the officer and tried to close the door. The deputy forced the door open and struggled with Nagle, who threw the officer on the floor, injuring his right shoulder and hip and left knee.

A second deputy tased Nagle.

The officers reported that Nagle lives next door to the victim, and problems between the two have existed for years.


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