Wentzville Crime News February 2013

See what crime was reported around town this month.

This month on Wentzville Patch, we mapped the locations in which police were being called for animal complaints and for reports of suspicious circumstances. Check out the additional crime news for the month: 


  • Wentzville Woman Injured in Crash on Interstate 70
  • 6-Year-Old Wentzville Boy Seriously Injured in ATV Accident
  • Wentzville Woman Injured After Striking Bridge PierLake Saint Louis Teen Collides With Wentzville Woman on Route N

Sexual Assault

  • Sleeping Wentzville Man Is Victim of Sexual Act in Josephville


  • Police: Man Nabbed For Making Meth Five Months After Lab Explosion Burned Woman
  • Man Charged With Selling Heroin to Undercover Officer in Wentzville

Traffic Stop



Police Blotters

  • Lake Saint Louis Police Blotter: Domestic Assault Injury
  • Lake Saint Louis Police Blotter: $25 in Cash Taken from Unlocked Car
  • Lake Saint Louis Police Blotter: $352 Worth of Jewelry Stolen
  • Lake Saint Louis Police Reports: Man Arrested for Stealing at Von Maur
  • Lake Saint Louis Police Blotter: Man With .160 Blood Alcohol Level Arrested for DWI
  • Wentzville Police Blotter: Woman Arrested for Shoplifting Clothing from Walmart
  • Wentzville Police Blotter: Cell Phone Stolen from Holt High School
  • Police Blotter: 18 Year Old Caught With Marijuana
  • Wentzville Police Blotter: Truck Tailgate Stolen
  • Lake Saint Louis Police Blotter: Man Arrested for Driving With A Revoked License for Fourth Time
  • Wentzville Police Blotter: Three Busted for Possession of Marijuana
  • Lake Saint Louis Police Blotter: Man Pulled Over for Speeding on Interstate 70 Charged with DWI
  • Wentzville Police Blotter: Gas Pump Hit By Car
  • Lake Saint Louis Police Blotter: Two Walmart Shoplifters Arrested


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