Wentzville Police Asking for Help Locating White Van

The van was driven by two men who attempted to speak to teenage girls in the Wentzville area.

(The following press release was issued by the .)

The Wentzville Police Department is asking for the public’s help in investigating several incidents of two males in a white van, who were attempting to speak to teenage girls in the area of Peine Lake Estates. The incidents occurred on or about August 21, 2012, and the police have been able to determine that one or more persons witnessed this vehicle in the area on possibly more than one occasion.

The van is described as a WHITE older model (late 80’s early 90’s) Dodge full-sized panel van (no side windows in the back portion) with significant dents, dings, and damage, especially in the front grill area, and with a very loud exhaust system.  Another distinguishing characteristic are signs on the side of the WHITE van that read “Weed Man.” A van fitting that description was also sighted in the area of East Pearce Boulevard as late as a couple days ago.

While Weed Man is the name of a reputable St. Louis County business, the Wentzville Police Department has fully investigated the legitimate business and determined that the actual business has in the past and currently utilizes only GREEN vans. The police believe possibly signs were stolen some time ago from the business, and that the Weed Man business is completely unrelated and unconnected to these occurrences. Weed Man has fully cooperated with the police investigation, and the Wentzville Police Department no longer views them as a consideration in this matter. 

The Wentzville Police Department has conducted a lengthy investigation into these incidents. Having exhausted all current leads, the Police Department is asking that anyone who has seen a van fitting this description, knows anyone connected with such a van, or who might have any information regarding the situation on August 21, 2012, or any similar incidents, to please contact Wentzville Police Detective David Thurman at 636-639-2130 or Wentzville Police Department dispatch at 636-327-5105.

Anne Wooff August 30, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Glad they finally brought this to the public. I can understand they wanted to investigate it as best they could before alerting the public. Hopefully someone who knows the person or person's involved will come forward and police can question them!
B February 12, 2013 at 07:42 PM
This happened in my neighborhood!


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