Wentzville Police Blotter: Sept. 12-18

These calls were reported to the Wentzville Police Department.

Wentzville Patch brings you a weekly roundup of calls to the . Here are the calls for the week of Sept. 12-18.

Sept. 12

  • Auto accidents occurred on East Route A, Perry Cate Boulevard, West Pearce Boulevard and Meyer Road.
  • There were reports of stealing on Highway Z, Peine Forest Drive, East Pitman Avenue, Pleasant Meadows Court, Evergreen Court, Shadow Trace Drive and Westwind Park.
  • Fraud was reported on Meyer Road and Wentzville Parkway.
  • A drugs violation occurred on Corporate Parkway.
  • There was property damage on Rocky Mound Drive.

Sept. 13

  • An auto accident occurred on Sunny Pass Drive.
  • There was stealing reported on Wentzville Parkway and West Allen Street.
  • Fraud was reported on Joshua Drive.
  • There was property damage on East Highway N.
  • Burglary occurred on Wentzville Parkway.
  • Police responded to domestic violence on Peine Lakes Drive.

Sept. 14

  • Auto accidents occurred on Wentzville Parkway and Interstate 70 eastbound.
  • There was stealing reported on Ball Street, Kent Drive and Bears Den Drive.
  • Fraud occurred on Wentzville Parkway.
  • There was a drug violation on Campus Drive.
  • Police received a report of a runaway/missing person on Donna Marie Drive.
  • Property damage occurred on Veterans Memorial Parkway.

Sept. 15

  • Stealing was reported on Campus Drive, Wentzville Parkway and Bedford Pointe Drive.
  • DWIs were reported on East Route A and Wentzville Parkway.
  • An assault occurred on West Pearce Boulevard.
  • There was a fire on Hampton Ridge Drive.
  • Domestic violence occurred on Peine Lakes Drive.
  • There was property damage reported on Ann Drive.
  • A fraud was reported on Jessica Drive.
  • There was a sudden death on Cripple Creek Court.

Sept. 16

  • Auto accidents occurred on I-70 westbound, West Pearce Boulevard, Medical Drive and Highway 40 westbound.
  • Stealing was reported on Wentzville Parkway and Highland Farms Drive.
  • Property damage occurred on Interstate Drive.
  • There was domestic violence reported on Sunny Pass Drive.
  • Runaway/missing person was reported on Evergreen Court.
  • An auto theft occurred on South Service Road.

Sept. 17

  • Auto accidents occurred on Meyer Road, Wentzville Parkway, Autumn Trace Parkway, Highway 61 and Pitman Overpass.
  • There was a disturbance/fight on Carrollton Drive.
  • Domestic violence was reported on Moonlight Court.

Sept. 18

  • An auto accident occurred on I-70 eastbound.
  • Stealing was reported on Bear Tracks Court and Main Plaza Drive.
  • A burglary occurred on Howard Drive.
  • There was domestic violence on Ball Street.
  • Police responded to a disturbance/fight on Wentzville Parkway.
  • An alleged occurred on Appaloosa Court.


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