Board of Aldermen Votes to Allow Convenience Store Hard-Liquor Sales

Changes to the ordinance will allow gas-station convenience stores to sell packaged hard liquor in addition to wine and beer.

The Lake Saint Louis Board of Aldermen have voted to change Lake Saint Louis ordinances and allow convenience stores to sell packaged hard liquor in addition to the previously allowed beer and wine sales.

The bill, which was introduced and read twice during the meeting, adds the following conditions specifically for selling liquor, above and beyond the requirements to sell beer and wine:

A liquor license may be issued to a person engaged in and to be used in connection with the operation of a gasoline service station convenience store (C-store) who certifies to the City Clerk that they meet the following criteria:

1) Keeps in his/her store a stock of goods having a value according to invoices of at least two thousand dollars ($2,000), exclusive of fixtures and intoxicating liquors, and

2) Verifies that no more than ten percent (10%) of the C-store’s total amount of saleable square footage will be used for alcohol or intoxicating liquors.

Assistant City Administrator Eric Sterman confirmed in an email to Lake Saint Louis Patch that the bill was passed unanimously by the five aldermen attending the meeting. Alderman Harry Slyman was not present at the meeting and did not vote.


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