Board Passes Ordinance to Back Hwy. 61 Travel Safe Zone

The Travel Safe Zone allows for doubled fines in a section of Hwy. 61 from Wentzville to the Lincoln County border.

On Wednesday morning, MoDOT dedicated a Travel Safe Zone for a stretch of Hwy. 61 in St. Charles County that is known for its high rate of accidents.

On Wednesday evening, the passed an ordinance to back up that move. The new ordinance states that double fines will be assessed to drivers in the Travel Safe Zone who are found guilty of:

  • speeding
  • following too close
  • careless and imprudent driving
  • improper lane usage
  • failure to yield

Mayor Nick Guccione said that he'd already heard people commenting that the Travel Safe Zone was just a speed trap, but that it was anything but that.

"It's the first step of a journey," Alderman Forrest Gossett said, referring to a process the city has identified for continued safety improvements for the stretch of highway. "Fifteen people have died in seven years," he said.

"One death is too many," Guccione said.

The bill was given both readings and the vote for final approval was unanimous.

Matt Meester August 02, 2012 at 02:32 PM
This not a speed trap at all. I see it as the first step to getting the state and feds to assist Wentzvile in resolving one of the most dangerous intersections in the county, Hwy P and Hwy 61. Glad to know that my city council is looking and planning for the future.


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