Board to Consider Meth Contamination Ordinance

The new ordinance declares meth-contaminated structures a nuisance and sets provisions for dealing with them.

At Wednesday night's meeting, the Wentzville Board of Aldermen will hear a first reading of an ordinance that declares methamphetamine contamination a nuisance.

Contamination caused by the manufacturing or storage of methamphetamine . . . poses an unreasonable and long lasting risk to the public safety personnel and to members of the public who  may unwittingly enter or purchase buildings where such contamination exists. . .

The bill adds meth contamination to the definition of unsafe structures and give the code enforcement officer the authority to order occupants to vacate.

Unsafe structures will be considered contaminated when certain levels of chemicals such as red phosphorus, iodine crystals, sulfuric acid, hydrogen chloride, hydrochloric acid and methamphetamine are found to be present.

Responsible parties will be notified and required to contact the building department within 48 hours to discuss the testing and set a plan for decontamination. If the owner does not respond, the city will take action and costs will be charged.


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