Name Change Proposal for Kohrs Street to be Withdrawn

The resolution is part of the consent agenda for the Feb. 13 Wentzville Board of Aldermen meeting simply for the purpose of being voted down.

Up for a vote at Wednesday night's meeting of the Wentzville Board of Aldermen is a proposed street name change. But according to the agenda, it's just there to be voted down and removed from consideration at the request of the petitioner.

The resolution, which was originally suggested by Wentzville resident Curtis Davis, would have changed the name of Kohrs Avenue to Dr. Martin Luther King Drive.

Kohrs Street is a north-south street that intersects East Main and East Pitman. Some maps indicate that the roadway is a street, not an avenue.

Larry Marshall, president of the Wentzville Historical Society, told Patch that the street was named for the landowner who owned the tract of land when it was annexed into the city. Kohrs Street, although it was not part of the original seven blocks that were platted as Wentzville, was one of the next two streets added.

"They were the original landowners," Marshall said. "Some of them had roles in the founding of our city."

The resolution for the proposed name change is part of the consent agenda, a grouping of items that are generally considered routine and can be approved by a single vote of the board.

Aldermen who have more questions about any one item on the consent agenda, or believe that one item deserves individual attention, can ask that it be removed from the consent agenda and voted separately.

According to the agenda, Davis will come back to the board with a different recommendation for the name change.


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