Board to Vote on Ordinance Reducing Business License Fees

Information on the application is vital for public safety, says Wentzville's Chief of Police.

At Wednesday night's regular meeting of the Wentzville Board of Aldermen, the board will vote on a first reading of a bill that will reduce the cost of a business license from $50 to $25.

Business licenses shall be purchased at City Hall from the City Clerk during the month of February of each year at a cost of twenty-five dollars ($25). Lost, stolen or destroyed business licenses shall be replaced within thirty (30) days after such loss, theft or destruction upon appropriate application for replacement at City Hall and upon payment of a replacement fee of two dollars ($2). These fees are effective immediately upon passage.

In January of this year, the board discussed completely dropping business licenses for the city of Wentzville.

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The subject came up again at the June 14 meeting. Ward 2 Alderman Chris Gard said that "more than anything else, it's a way for the city to track businesses in the city. It doesn't offer a tremendous amount of value for the business."

Wentzville Police Chief Lisa Harrison said that the emergency information on the business license application is important to the fire department. "That information is invaluable to us from a public safety standpoint," she said.

"Are we looking at this as a revenue stream? Or just for information?" Ward 3 Alderman Rick Stokes asked.

The board then discussed how far to lower fees, settling on $25 for both original business licenses and the yearly renewals.

The new ordinance authorizing the lower fees will go through first and second readings before a final vote is taken.



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