Board to Vote on Prohibiting Any Drinking in Moving Vehicles

If the Wentzville Board of Aldermen passes the amendment, passengers as well as drivers will be prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages.

At tonight's regular meeting of the , the board will take a final vote on an amendment to the city's ordinance about alcohol consumption in cars.

The amendment extends the reach of the ordinance from the driver to all the passengers in a moving motor vehicle.

Exeptions are given for passengers in buses, party limos and motor homes.

Chief Lisa Harrison, at an earlier meeting of the board of aldermen, said that the amendment would prevent drivers from drinking and passing the container to a passenger if stopped by police. Passengers who are drinking can also be a big distraction to the driver, Harrison said.


What do you think? Should passengers in cars be allowed to drink? Or is the city right in restricting that type of activity?

Andy Gross July 11, 2012 at 03:28 PM
As I have said before in a previous comment, our police force needs to enforce the laws we already have. Our politicians need to think more critically about what really is causing accidents (cell phones, other distractions) before deciding to add another law to our already extensive legal code. Once again, I have to say that I do not understand how a state and city that leans towards conservatism, or “less government”, seems to be so intent on adding more and more laws to the books.
Devon Seddon July 11, 2012 at 04:02 PM
The new sheriff is quite the little fundraiser, no? I agree Andy, this is disgusting, sell candy-bars! You already have tests for the drivers', test them, if they are not drunk, there is no crime. This is a revenue grab, nothing more.


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