Corridor Study Recommends Path for Future South Wentzville Parkway

The study didn't sit well with business owners to the east of the roadway, who are asking for changes that would allow easier access.

At the final regular meeting of the Wentzville Board of Aldermen for 2012, Cochran Engineering presented a corridor study for the proposed South Wentzville Parkway.

The roadway would extend Wentzville Parkway south to Wilmer Road.

The study began with 10 potential alignments, reduced to three options and then to a single recommendation with the help of an evaluation matrix and public input. Cochran's recommendation included a "jug handle" access road to the west, since the new roadway effectively cuts off access to businesses located along the existing south service road.

But that choice didn't sit too well with the businesses on the east side of the proposed roadway.

Ken Newman, a representative for one of the owners of a west-side business, spoke to the board on behalf of those businesses, which include Rural King, Suntrup Hyundai and IHOP.

"We have worked with them (Cochran) to design an alternative to allow access (to the east-side businesses)," Newman said. "We advocate going forth with that."

Newman referenced a letter signed by the business owners that sets forth their concerns, including the viability of the current businesses and opportunities for growth, the tax revenues that those businesses create for the city, and concerns for the employees of the businesses.

Newman said that adding an eastern "jug handle" roadway would allow access to those businesses.

Doug Forbeck, Director of Community Development, said that the extension is not currently in the capital plan and that the city was looking beyond a five-year window. "There are so many options out there," Forbeck said.

Interim City Administrator George Kolb said that the critical point would be when the city looks at a preliminary plan for the project. At that point, he said, the impact on business traffic would be considered.

"Right now, we're just talking," Kolb said.

The board passed a resolution supporting Cochran's choice and approving the corridor study.

Judy January 03, 2013 at 04:04 PM
Improvements to the south side would definatly benefit the business aspect of growth, along with some beautification to the area! Let's not forget the south side of 70! Judy Presson
Barbara Dunnermann January 04, 2013 at 06:52 AM
OK! So let's not forget about problems on the NORTH side which have been exacerbated by the recent 'improvements' to the Pearce Blvd./Wentzville Pkwy. intersection. Now there is NO left turn from the South driveway leaving Schnucks, Radio Shack, etc. onto Pearce Blvd. One is forced to go all the way up to the stop light at the driveway in front of Walmart, make a left at that light onto the Pkwy. to the light at Pearce to make a left onto Pearce adding 4/10 of a mile to a trip to Schnucks or US Bank. I bank at US Bank and do some of my shopping at Schnucks. Multiply 4/10 of a mile by 3-4 times a week and consider the price of gas these days and you will see the dilemma. Some one needs to come up with a plan for a safe and more expedient way to exit that strip of businesses from the South entrance and implement it ASAP.


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