Lake Saint Louis Food Service Inspection Scores: BC's Kitchen, Max & Ermas and More

Check out the most recent food inspection reports from St. Charles County Health Department from January and February, 2013.

St. Charles County Department of Community Health and the Environment regularly inspects food service establishments throughout St. Charles County, except for within limits of St. Peters.

Businesses are inspected one to four times a year or after public complaints. "Lower-risk" places, like gas-stations that serve pre-packaged foods, are inspected less often than "higher-risk" places, like a restaurant, said Doug Bolnick, spokesman for the health department.

The establishments begin with a score of 100 and points are deducted based on the severity of problems observed. According to the department's website, a low score does not mean the restaurant was unsafe on the day of the inspection.

"A place could have just one deficiency that garners a relatively 'high' score out of 100, but that the problem is so critical, it forces immediate action – while another may have two or three non-critical deficiencies that would give that provider a lower total score," said Bolnick.

Below, find inspection scores of Lake Saint Louis food service establishements in January and February, 2013. To look up other scores, visit the health department's Food Inspection page.

Lake Saint Louis Commissary 5722 Lake Saint Louis Blvd.
Flavors by Jillian
5722 Lake Saint Louis Blvd.
Schnuck's retail
101 Civic Center Drive
98 Schnuck's Deli 101 Civic Center Drive
Schnuck's Seafood
101 Civic Center Drive
Schnuck's Salad Bar 101 Civic Center Drive 100 Sushi Sen 161 Civic Center Drive 100 Circle K 1001 Lake Saint Louis Blvd. 98 Lakeside Pub 10600 Veterans Memorial Blvd. 98 Lake St. Louis Banquet Center 10604 Veterans Memorial Blvd. 100 Tyke Town Development Center 2240 Lake Saint Louis Blvd. 87 Dollar Tree 6113 Ronald Reagan Drive 98 Max & Erma's 20 Meadows Circle Drive 90 BC's Kitchen N. Meadows Circle 100 Steak N Shake 835 Robert Rayond Drive 88 White Castle 859 Robert Raymond Drive 93 Mobil Crown Mart 11410 Veterans Memorial Pkwy 92 Subway 6249 Ronald Reagan 100 Subway 6100 Ronald Reagan 100 Starbuck's 6319 Ronald Reagan 100 Heroes Pub & Grill 760 Lakeside Plaza 98

For previous scores:

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