No-Call List Includes Cell Phones Now

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed a bill that expanded the No-Call Law to cover personal cell phones.

Attorney General Chris Koster said Thursday that Missouri’s No Call Law has been expanded to cover personal cell phones in addition to residential land lines, according to a press release.

Missourians may now register their cell phone numbers on his website at ago.mo.gov or by phone at 1-866-662-2551.

More than 61,000 have registered their numbers so far.

Koster is quoted in the press release:

“Wherever I go in this state, I’m asked one question more than any other … ‘When can I put my cell phone on the no call list?’ The answer is, today,” Koster said, as Governor Nixon signed House Bill 1549 into law.

Read the complete press release from Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster.


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