Owner is a No Show at Jumpin' Jupiter License Revocation Hearing

On Tuesday, Jumpin' Jupiter lost its license to do business in Maplewood.

Jumpin' Jupiter has lost its business license for the second time since June for nonpayment of state taxes.

The first time, owner James Callahan told the city council he was working it out with the state, and would remain open, which he did.

Tuesday night, neither Callahan nor anyone else came to represent the business.

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Maplewood City Council listened as city attorney Craig Biesterfeld and city clerk Karen Scheidt went through the legal motions. It took nine minutes.

City Manager Marty Corcoran said business revocation hearings are rare in Maplewood, and this is the first time an owner didn’t show up that he knows.

Corcoran said Callahan would be served the papers to vacate, most likely on Wednesday.

The doors could remain open only if the taxes are paid. 

“Callahan could theoretically say, ‘Here’s my receipt. I’ve made a payment.’ We would not revoke the license then if he’s done that,” Corcoran said.

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Bart Karnowsk January 09, 2013 at 06:56 PM
After that last paragraph, you think I am the classless one? And tasteless? You have shown no maturity, yourself. You just get more and more mad, its actually kind of cute. You are full of slander and libel yourself. And you sure like to insult people's personal character. Saying people aren't worth living, and should be shot? That sounds like and OK thing to say? You last two paragraphs contradict one another. One, you say the world would be better off if people weren't allowed to speak their minds, and then you speak your mind. We don't agree with you, so we should have been aborted? That is the foundation for a solid argument, and full of maturity.
Bart Karnowsk January 09, 2013 at 06:59 PM
You said in an earlier statement that your daughter and her friends can barely perform, then you said they can? Jim, you are all over the map here. Jim, why are you so hateful? Jim, you're not fooling anyone :)
P Jones January 10, 2013 at 06:50 AM
Haha. I haven't seen any other overwhelmingly negative reviews from Doug. Seems like he is a fair and reasonable journalist. I would venture a guess that it is not Jim you are debating with here, Bart. I've known Jim quite well in the past and he would have a hard time spelling/typing above a 3rd grade level. if I had to speculate, I would guess you're arguing with his half-his-age gold-digger accomplice Brandy Dunn. They met while she was working at (and he was patronizing) a East St Louis strip club if memory serves me correctly. Big suprise that they own the trashiest place in Maplewood. While I worked at his other establishment (which he lives above) I saw a LOT of shady things happen behind the scenes. Also, as far as burlesque being an art form.... The premiere burlesque group in St. Louis refuses to have any sort of relationship with JJ. That has to say something about the practices of the venue.Not to mention the chef leaving, the sound company pulling out and numerous cases of performers being unhappy with the management and in the worst scenereos, not being paid for their performances... Lastly, if Bmom is indeed the mother of a performer (not likly, i know) it seems she should be concerned that her daughter is working for people like this...
P Jones January 10, 2013 at 06:55 AM
"Oh my daughter and her friends are professionals and can perform that's not the issue. The issue is the bigger one which is a Saint Louis Wide issue where close-minded bigots think they can just say whatever they want, lie, slander, libel and otherwise attack other people or businesses and get away with it. The Jupiter will CONTINUE to thrive and do awesome because thankfully as I said people like you and Doug are the pathetic classless/tasteless minority. Its just a pity some idiot allows Doug to call himself a "reporter" when really all he truly is, is a sad pathetic little man crying himself at sleep at night in his mom's basement with a fixated hatred of a business that has done him no wrong. When Doug has proven himself to slander/libel, and otherwise twist things into repeated attacks against a business why would they talk to him? Or honestly why would anyone stop and talk to the creepy stalker that follows them everywhere they go, lurks outside the venue and calls in complaints, takes underhanded voyeuristic photos of owners and performers without permission, etc? It's a damn shame the castle doctrine doesn't apply to businesses because the way he lurks and stalks about he could EASILY be mistaken for a thief or other type of criminal. People like you and Doug are the reason why abortion is legal it's a shame your mother's didn't exercise their right to choose. Although seeing who you are now, I bet they have reconsidered it since.""
P Jones January 10, 2013 at 06:55 AM
Seems as if one comment from JJ has been deleted... Just for reference, here was the original text. Apologies to Doug if this was deleted by mods. Also, if you look at the JJ articles, one was about Jim threatening other people with slander/libel lawsuits (didn't happen).... This seems to be a favorite threat from their crew.


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