Ron Paul: 'It's Liberty That We Need'

The presidential candidate addressed a crowd of supporters at Lindenwood University's Robert Hyland Arena in St. Charles.

Ron Paul gave an arena full of about 3,000 supporters exactly what they came to hear.

The crowd chanted, “Ron Paul! Ron Paul” and “End the Fed” before and during Paul’s address at Lindenwood University’s Robert Hyland Arena in St. Charles.

Paul’s said the U.S. government has ignored the Constitution to the country’s peril.

“It’s liberty that we need and it can be restored, but only if we send individuals to Washington who know the Constitution and obey the Constitution,” Paul told the cheering crowd.

He said the national debt went up a record $200 billion in February, “and that was a short month."

He added, "You can’t solve the problem of national debt by spending more money.”

Paul pledged that if he’s elected president, he would cut the federal budget by $1 trillion.

He said the national debt weakens the dollar and has disastrous effects on the economy, with a true unemployment rate of 20 percent, a rising cost of living and a shrinking middle class.

“The Federal Reserve system is totally unconstitutional,” he said, and added there is no authorization for the body in the Constitution. After the Fed was established, it did away with the gold standard. As president, he would abolish the Federal Reserve.

“The Founding Fathers said only gold and silver can be legal tender,” Paul said. “That would limit the growth of government.”

Ending interference

One woman asked who Paul feels should pay for birth control pills.

“That’s the big issue of the moment, isn’t it? The world is about to blow up, the economy is about to blow up, and the biggest discussion we have is on birth control,” he said.

“The people whom use birth control pills should pay for birth control pills,” Paul said. “If you mandate to an insurance company what they have to cover, it’s not insurance anymore. It’s an autocracy.”

Paul also responded to a question about Syria and Iran by saying he doesn’t believe in interfering in other countries.

“There is absolutely no rationalization for going to war against Iran at this time,” he said.

He said ending all foreign aid would not hurt Israel.

“Israel is worse off for our intervention,” he said. "We give seven times the foreign aid to Israel’s enemies than we do to Israel.”

An interfering foreign policy makes the United States less safe, not safer.

“People tend to get a little annoyed when we go in and bomb them,” he said.

“He gets it”

Those in the crowd were sold on Ron Paul.

“I’ve been a voter since Richard Nixon, and I’ve never had a candidate that has such a firm grasp on the Constitution,” said Phil R. Bales, from South St. Louis County. “This is the first time in my life I chose to give money to a candidate.”

Bales said he believes a groundswell of Democrats voting for Paul could lift him into office.

Chris Cassani, a Fontbonne University student from Manchester, said he likes that Paul’s voting record is consistent with his message.

“I like that the budget he submitted would cut $1 trillion in year one,” Cassani said. “That’s the direction I want to see America move in.”

Last Bastion March 11, 2012 at 04:05 AM
Ron Paul fans are devoted for good reason. If you admire the man and his message, please help us track the revolution by tallying on the only worldwide realtime Ron Paul map on the web - ronpaulitic.com This site is a labour of love for one of the few admirable politicians around.
Michael J Biondo March 11, 2012 at 09:21 AM
I cannot speak to History, as it has been, but I can hear myself, in not on Ron Paul's Constitution, but all those who still feel the Reality ofTruth.. A fellow Partiot said; "Wow never got so excited for a politician before.. " ... and it reminded me of a little American work of art I'd never been interested to investigate before, until recently. Having felt exactly the same way as that fellow Patriot, I had an unenlightened, unenthusiastic, and uninformed general attitude about what politics seems to always stand for. That changed with the advent of Ron Paul's campaign. Not until really looking into the who this character Paul is, did I finally have chance to face a real person who embodies the Ideologies of our Founding Father's and what they truly hoped for, within the political arenas. They wanted, at least, a recovery for some of people's instinctual reactions to that "lost innocence," by which politics must always bring about and contain some measure of "evil." By Ron Paul's standing by the only document created from the Founding Father's Ideologies, which helps us define and clarify what being an "American" is, our Constitution, I learned that Thomas Paine's; "Common Sense" can indeed become an acceptable Treatise, that it is not by measures of evil we engage to practice politics, but rather to redeem that knowledge and loss of innocence. Now at last, Ron Paul Dares to point The Way to the Redemption this great Nation has needed, in so very, very, long a time.
Smarty Pants March 11, 2012 at 02:19 PM
Ron Paul is right on the issues, but is he electable?
Michael J Biondo March 11, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Smarty Pants (and endearing appellation if here ever was one!) Now, let us review the First postulate you extend for considerations, shall we? "Ron Paul is right on the issues." Hmmm, you concede he right.., on.., the issues." Therefore, if one is acknowledged right and competent to execute acions of competence regarding the Issues, I propose this question: Is there any commmon sense that would inspire one to take umbrage, or to adopt any theory that would preclude, by any evidentiary discoveries, that action and/or conclusions, based on one's own firm proof and experience of the rightness of the issue, that one would be improper, to... elect... to take Actions in the issues? It seems, then, a foregone conclusion that the question you propose, is in itself, paradoxical and possibly even oxymoronic, since right.., and elections, are generally components which operate hand-in-hand, who you not agree?
Joe Scott March 11, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Michael - If I follow you correctly, you're saying, "Why wouldn't you simply vote for the best candidate in the hopes that he is elected?" Correct? I guess that's because people are afraid that could help a candidate they would least support--their candidate's polar opposite.
Michael J Biondo March 11, 2012 at 08:28 PM
No, Joe, I am not saying "in the hopes that he is elected," I am saying; when one's clear conscience, and clear grasp of the Issues, and all evidence is in favor of an action which expresses one's clarity of both, one acts in accord with these, or as we are speaking here "elects" to make our position a reality and evidence before any and all, whether it is a matter of politics, or a simple choice to turn down a "little white lie," or even make a "compromise" which cannot lead to an authentic representation of one's OWN constitutional stance. That is what I am saying here , Joe. Smarty Pants asks a confused question, in that whether it is an "electable" decision, to choose what is right on the Issues," or what is otherwise, on the Issues. I believe easy to make the choice, and I believe you are quite capable of doing so, as well. It is elemenatary school material, but becomes "politics," when it is assigned an alternate Name, or a "confused" concept. That is what I am saying here, Joe.
Phil R. Bales March 12, 2012 at 05:18 PM
This is a good analysis of the event (which I attended). Thank you Joe Scott for publicizing Dr. Paul's appearance at the beautiful campus of Lindenwood University.
Phil R. Bales March 12, 2012 at 06:16 PM
Regarding the question "is he electable?" LOL..of course he is. What is the basis for such a question?
Michael J Biondo March 12, 2012 at 10:45 PM
Exactly, Phil, that was all I was hoping Smarty Pants would really focus on. There is no basis for the question. Right Principles, Constitutional Truth, and Firm Resolve to take Action in these isn't even a question, it's a given. Ron Paul simply does that. And that.., is also.., a given.


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