St. Charles County Residents React to New Law Requiring Prescriptions for Cold Medications

Patch readers share their thoughts on the county’s decision aimed to make certain medications more difficult for drug producers to obtain.

Sniffles, sinus headaches or allergies? Starting next month St. Charles County residents suffering these cold and allergy symptoms won’t have the option to .

On Monday night, St. Charles County joined a number of other Missouri communities in approving a law requiring prescriptions for medications that include pseudoephedrine or ephedrine. Both compounds are staples for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

While county officials say the new regulations are aimed at curbing meth production throughout St. Charles County, some residents say drug producers will find other means, while sick people suffer and are forced to pay more to get the treatment they need. 

The council's decision sparked heated conversation from Patch readers week. Quotes are featured here exactly as they appeared on Facebook and Patch sites. They have not been edited for spelling, grammar or content.

Sounding off

 “I think I will be driving to another county to get it and they will be getting my tax dollars because with a large family, I don't always have the time to get a prescription for sinus congestion. It is the only medicine that works for me.” -Tammie Gebhardt-Thuet, O'Fallon Patch Facebook

“I think they made it harder for sick people to get meds. The people using it for drugs will find what they need anyway.”-Stacy Meehan Donnelly, Wentzville Patch Facebook

“So much for representing the PEOPLE... It's already signed in-spite of overwhelming numbers of PEOPLE against it. The receptionist for the council said the majority of calls were against it. READ THE COMMENTS those that represent US.” -Jeff Little, St. Charles Patch Facebook

“Wow! So what about those without health insurance? And now our allergy medicine will cost an office visit AND a co-pay? I don't know about this...seems like there could have been some other way to deal with this very serious issue...Addiction is a terrible, terrible illness harming more than one's self but one's family and community...and here is yet another harm...siigh...s'pose that's just the world we live in today...{deep siiiiiighhh}.” -Rev. Renita Marie Lamkin,

“@ Rev Lamkin- There are still plenty of other options for colds that don't require a prescription. This is a move in the right direction but not sure how effective it will be. We own a pharmacy and have been broken into for thieves to steal Sudafed. I'm concerned that will become more common as it gets harder for meth makers to aquire this ingredient. We might just stop selling it altogether.” -Shanna Palans,

 “i agree w/ rev. lamkin. by the way the nurse pract. cost $60 to visit. i do not have insurance and according to the state am not eligible for any state aid. i also do not have high blood pressure and/ or heart problems. this decision has an adverse effect on me; and i'm sure countless others. i am sorry for those who have been hurt by meth's touch here in the county, like ms. palans' pharmacy. i wish i had the answer, i'm just not sure this will solve anything.” -Jon Hedgecorth,

“Methamphetamine abuse leads to devastating medical, psychological, and social consequences not counting criminal activity. This is the right thing to do and those of you with a stuffy nose, try something different. There are many other OTC medicines that can be used other than ephedrine or pseudo ephedrine. We as a country have to stop the drug abuse every chance we get and this is a great start. This stuff is killing families and America.” -Denis Watson,

“While I admire your goal, your logic is flawed. No matter how many laws you pass, you will never eliminate abuses. What is killing America is that no one is held to personal responsibility anymore. I occasionally need Sudafed for relief. I don't take Meth or any other illegal drug, why should I be punished because someone else does? The problem with the banning and / or governmental control mentality is that one size does not fit all.” -Elizabeth,



Reverend Scott E. Lee July 30, 2011 at 02:07 PM
I spake with my pharmacist early this morning about this. I asked him what he thought. His response, "It's about damn time." I was gobsmacked! Floored! Let's just say it was not what I expected. Then again, maybe he's a Fascist; I don't know him THAT well. So we talked. His major reason for support of the measure is that he has seen too many people buying the pseudoephedrine products using multiple IDs. Apparently they are quite bold about it too. Some of them quite literally thumbing through their stash of ill-gotten identification at the counter, looking for the one they didn't use 'yesterday'. How odd. So, that's the opinion of one pharmacist in the hinterland of the county, and I can see his point. Really, I can. But I still hate the way this is being done. If you want to make an OTC med not OTC, then petition for it to be placed on the Federal schedule. What if some city or county or state (HELLO KANSAS!) suddenly decides that birth condoms should be disbursed by prescription only? You know, because they are EVIL. And where does the authority end? It's a mental exercise really, but by this logic what CAN'T a local government prescribe out of general use?
Rich Pope August 19, 2011 at 03:03 AM
I'm torn between the convenience of running to Walgreens and getting these meds when I have a cold and without a prescription and the fact that these meds are used by others for non-intended purposes. It seems like I'm always paying the price for someone else's poor choices.
Matthew Mayes August 31, 2011 at 05:55 PM
Once again it seems that those who are supposed to represent us, have simply made life more difficult without really dealing with the issue.
Kathy Miller October 16, 2011 at 02:39 PM
Why is it that in a fairly right-wing county, the government sees fit to intrude into our personal lives? I'm not the meth user, maker or dealer - punish them!
Elizabeth October 18, 2011 at 02:55 PM
Because the county has moved away from conservatism and into progressivism, where the government has decided that instead of defending personal liberty, it is more important to protect people from themselves and somehow, by being an elected official, they are magically more capable of deciding what's best than those who are simply citizens. There is a vast difference between "looking out for each other" and becoming our "brother's keeper." When people decide to have their nose in their neighbor's business they rarely realize that means having the neighbor's nose in their businesses.


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