Wentzville Approves Contract for New Police Chief

Lisa Kay Harrison will start position in January.

Lisa Kay Harrison will officially take the reins as the head of the in January. The Wentzville Board of Aldermen approved her contract at its meeting Dec. 14.

Former Chief Robert Noonan .

The police chief in Wentzville is a position appointed by the mayor, with consent of the board of aldermen.

According to the contract, Harrison will make $88,000 per year to be paid in accordance with city payroll practices. She also will receive benefits equal to other city employees and an additional five vacation days.

Health and dental benefits will begin immediately upon employment; the city's usual 60 day employment waiting period was waived.

Harrison must be a resident of the within 180 days of her initial date of employment. The city is providing up to $5,000 for relocation expenses.

Other highlights of the contract include:

Compensation and Benefits

  • Harrison will be provided with a city vehicle suitably equipped for police operations and work.
  • The city will pay for any "reasonable professional dues and subscriptions of the police chief necessary for her professional growth and for the good of the City."

Performance evaluation

  • The mayor and the baord of aldermen or the city administrator shall "endeavor to review and evaluate the performance of police chief at least once annually."
  • Annually the board of aldermen and the mayor shall define the goals and performance objectives which "they determine necessary for the proper operation of the City and in the attainment of the City's policy objectives." The board may also set a priority level to the chief's goals.

Termination & Severance

  • The city may terminate the police chief's contract for any reason at any time.
  • If the city terminates Harrison within the first 12 months of employment, she is entitled to severance pay equal to six months salary. After 12 months, the severance pay will be equal to three months salary.
  • Harrison may terminate her contract with 30 days written notice and is entitled to her accrued vacation time. No severance pay or benefits shall be paid if Harrison terminates the employment contract.

The employment contract between the city and Harrison is contingent upon conclusive results of preemployment screenings, including:

  1. Physical screening
  2. Drug screening
  3. Financial background
  4. FBI fingerprint background.


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