Wentzville Looking for Volunteers for City Advisory Boards and Commissions

Interested residents may apply online or submit an application to the city clerk's office.

(The following press release was submitted by the City of Wentzville.)

The City of Wentzville is looking for citizens who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise as members of various city boards and commissions.  Board and commission members help advise city officials and elected leaders on issues like planning, zoning, parks and recreation.

Wentzville residents who are interested in applying to serve on a board or commission may access an application online at www.wentzvillemo.org, or call the City Clerk’s Office at (636) 327-5101 to obtain an application form. 

Any questions concerning the boards and commissions may also be directed to the City Clerk’s Office. Applications are being accepted for the following boards and commissions:

  • Board of Adjustment, which hears and makes decisions on appeals for variances and modifications to the zoning ordinance when there are practical difficulties or hardships in complying with the law. The Board of Adjustment meets on call.
  • Board of Appeals, which hears and makes decisions on appeals of order, decisions or determinations made by the building official relative to the application, and interpretation of the construction codes. The Board of Appeals meets on call.
  • Parks and Recreation Board, which oversees all aspects of the Wentzville Parks and Recreation Department, including park maintenance and recreation programs. The Parks and Recreation Board meets monthly.
  • Planning Commission, which reviews and makes recommendations on various planning matters, such as rezoning, plat reviews, zoning, ordinance amendments, and future land-use proposals.  The Planning Commission meets monthly.
  • Stormwater Advisory Committee, which helps develop and assess the city’s Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) for pollution prevention.  The Stormwater Advisory Committee also helps conduct bi-annual public forums to inform, engage, and get feedback from the general public and stakeholder groups about the effectiveness of the SWMP and storm water pollution concerns. The Committee has been meeting monthly.


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