Wentzville Mayor to Hold Monthly 'Coffee Talk' Meetings

Nick Guccione will continue the tradition he started during his years as a Ward 3 alderman.

(Following is a press release issued by the .)

As Ward 3 alderman, Nick Guccione held monthly Coffee Talk meetings with residents to provide him an opportunity to meet them face-to-face and discuss issues and questions that concerned them. Four months after his election as mayor, Guccione has decided to resume these monthly, informal, face-to-face meetings.

Starting Sunday, August 19, Guccione will host Coffee Talk With the Mayor meetings the third Sunday of every month, from 12:30-2 p.m., at city hall, located at 310 West Pearce Boulevard.

As before, Guccione plans for these meetings to be informal opportunities to meet with residents, get to know them better, and provide more open communication between himself and residents. “I learn so much from residents at these meetings,” said Guccione. “When we are able to sit down over cups of coffee and just talk about what is going on in our city and our community at large, everyone comes out with a better understanding of how city government can and should work.”

Although residents can come to the Coffee Talk meetings with no particular questions in mind, Guccione also invites residents to e-mail or call him ahead of time with questions they might have.

“There are some things that I might have to check into before I can give an answer,” said Guccione, “and if possible I like to answer these questions at the meetings.”

Guccione went on to explain, “If one person has a question about something, you can almost bet there are other people with the same question. Our residents are able to exchange ideas and play off of each other at these meetings—we all come away better for the experience.”

Guccione also said if residents would like to host a Coffee Talk meeting in their subdivision or would like him to attend a Home Owners’ Association meeting, he would be happy to do so.  Residents can e-mail their questions or meeting requests to Mayor Guccione at mayor1@wentzvillemo.org, or call him at (636) 639-0354.


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