Wentzville School Board Candidate: Aaron H. Schaper

Lake Saint Louis Patch is bringing you profiles of all the candidates in the April 3 election.

Name: Aaron H. Schaper
Contact information: Phone, 636-887-0722; Email- aaron@securetelllc.com; Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elect-Aaron-Schaper-Wentzville-School-Board-April-3rd-2012/372489189447919 

Personal information: Age 37, married to Shannon Schaper.  I have three children, Alex 8, Ethan 6, Madison 4 and thre step children Preston 12, Aubrey 9 and McKenna 7. I'm the President of SecureTel and Affiliated Companies and a Republican.

Related experience: I am the president of SecureTel located in Wentzville. Since co-founding the business in 2001, it has grown to employ 50+ people in our community with the potential to hire 80+ more employees before the end of 2012. I also understand profit versus loss and how a business must operate on available capital.

What is the primary reason you are running for this office? Being a local business owner I believe the Wentzville School District must continue to provide our children an excellent education, but do so based on sound fiscal policies. I have watched as the families in the school district continue to be burdened by ever increasing taxes. Growing jobs and our commercial property revenue will relieve the heavy burden on current Wentzville taxpayers. That is why I will work with our local leaders to bring more business to Wentzville to lessen the tax burden on Wentzville families. I commit to working with our state leaders to make sure our schools get the most out of state school funding.

What will be your single most important priority if you are elected? I strive to give our teachers relief from the oppressive regulations so they can get back to educating our youth. We need to focus on the fundamentals of education, instead feeding the growth of administrators in our schools. Your kids as do mine deserve better, and that is why I intend to work hard to make sure they have a world class education here in Wentzville.

What sets you apart from other candidates? As a Wentzville business owner I have proven experience building, growing and managing a multi-million dollar business. Also as a business owner I understand the importance of a good education when seeking employment.

How long have you lived in the district? 9 Years

What's your favorite thing about the Wentzville School District?  Our children

What is the biggest problem that you believe the district will face in the future?  Wasteful spending


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