Holt Junior Wins First Prize at State Science and Engineering Fair

Holt High School junior Savannah Est received an overall first place in the High School Honors Division for her project "Optimization of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells".

Students from the competed in Missouri’s Tri-County Regional Science and Engineering Fair held at St. Charles Community College on Feb. 25.

There were more than 450 entries, which included 130 by students and 12 WSD classroom projects. At the end of the day, 37 Wentzville students and two WSD classrooms received awards, including 19 first and second place awards.

junior Savannah Est received an overall first place in the High School Honors Division for her project "Optimization of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells" and will advance to the International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, PA on May 13-18.

Est was also the recipient of the American Society for Materials Engineering award, the Ricoh Sustainability award, the National Society for Professional Engineers award and the Army, Navy and Air Force Research Awards for her project.  

Additional recognition went to the following students: 


Hannah Lucas, 2nd Place

  • Army, Navy, and Air Force Research awards

Kaylyn Bauer, 3rd Place

  • US Metric Association award
  • Army and Air Force Research awards

Courtney Kubiak

  • Army and Air Force Research awards

Ashley Litzinger

  • American Psychological Association award


Kindergartner Gabriel Henley, 1st Place

First grader Ronan Townes, 2nd Place

Second grader Mia Gentili, 3rd Place

Third grader Hannah Stumpf, 3rd Place


Kindergartner Conner Place, 2nd Place

Second grader Sydney Hilgenbrink, 3rd Place


First grader Gabby Wheeler, 1st Place

Kindergartner Leah Uetrecht, 2nd Place 


Fourth grader Madison Sweeney, 2nd Place


Third grader Zachariah Alrashdi, 3rd Place

Fourth graders Jadyn Cress and Emma Shleef, 3rd Place

Fifth grader Amberly Scott, 3rd Place

Mrs. Kathy Hoffmann’s Second Grade Class, 1st Place


Fourth grader Cassidy Wood, 1st Place

Fourth graders Eva Deniszlzuk and Cora Sverdrup (partners), 1st Place

First grader Taylor Peterson, 2nd Place


Fourth grader Katie Lane, 2nd Place

Third grader Emma Ryan, 2nd Place

Fifth grader Katie Weber, 3rd Place and American Chemical Society Award

Mrs.Tanya Leonard’s Third Grade Class, 3rd Place 


Second grader Kyle Cochran, 1st Place

Second grader Isabella Holler, 2nd Place


Seventh grader Mackenzie Murphy, 1st Place, Broadcom Award and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award

Seventh grader Ryan Sinkler, 2nd Place

Seventh grader Ryan Gerteisen, 3rd Place


Seventh grader Lexie Maitland, 2nd Place


Sixth grader Kayley Dubuque, 1st Place and Broadcom Award

Eighth grader Alana Wood, 1st Place and Broadcom Award

Sixth grader Megan Costello, 2nd Place

Seventh grader Noah Pieper, 3rd Place


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