MasterCard Grant Helps Train Wentzville Math Teachers

Singapore Math was added to the Wentzville district curriculum in 2008.

(The following press release was issued by the .)

A $25,000 grant from MasterCard to the Wentzville School District has helped to fund additional training this summer for teachers in the very successful Singapore Math program.

Since the introduction of Singapore Math into the Wentzville School District elementary curriculum in 2008 (also funded with a grant from MasterCard), improvements in student test scores have continued to outpace the state average.

Singapore Math is designed to build student understanding by teaching mathematical concepts from concrete through pictorial to abstract. “Singapore Math makes sure that students have a deep understanding of mathematical concepts before getting them to the memorization of traditional algorithms,” said Curriculum Coordinator David Brothers, “and that allows the teachers to dive into the rigor much sooner and at deeper levels than a traditional math curriculum.”

The Singapore Math professional development training was again provided by Bob Hogan and Susan Little. Both are authors and teachers who have been training other teachers in Singapore Math since 1999.

Twenty-two elementary teachers took part in the training, including new kindergarten teacher Cheryl Hodak.

“I love it, it’s been very neat! It takes the fear out of teaching math. Every time I take part in our District professional development I learn something new, and I love learning!” Hodak said.



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