Welcome, New Teachers!

Wentzville Patch welcomes 60 new teachers to the Wentzville School District.

It's almost the start of a new school year, and this year the is welcoming 60 new teachers to schools in the district.

Wentzville Patch also welcomes the new teachers, and invites them and all the district's teachers, staff, parents and students to make use of Patch to post school events, to announce awards and accomplishments and to blog about the great things that are happening in our schools!

  • Christy Martinez, SPED

  • Hannah Quinones-Davenport, Kindergarten
  • Danielle Roedl, Kindergarten
  • Gina Sanders, 5th grade
  • Andrea Moellering, 1st grade

  • Lesa Edgar, SPED
  • Rebecca Pettit, 3rd grade

  • Ryan Alcamo, 4th grade
  • Lacey Schisler, 4th grade
  • Carole Arrendale, Kindergarten
  • Alanna Otzenberger, Kindergarten

  • Christopher Sevier, PE
  • Christin Hasekamp, 4th grade
  • Katie Ladymon, Kindergarten
  • Lisa Mikes, 4th grade
  • Katherine Moore, 2nd grade

  • Jennifer Thies, Kindergarten
  • Heather Cox, 1st grade

  • Cynthia Tittel, 1st grade

  • Brian Kingery, Art

  • Cassie Hucker, SPED

  • Larry Blandino, SPED

  • Sara Rowe, 8th grade Social Studies
  • Leigh Smith, Band
  • Marc Tiernan, PE
  • Lucy Click, 8th Grade Language Arts/Science
  • Paul Coffman, 7th Grade Language Arts
  • Jennifer Fay, Speech Pathologist
  • Brian Malone, 7th Grade Science/Social Studies

  • Clinton Tanner, PE/Health
  • Shari Whitehead, 6th grade Language Arts
  • Jessica Ballard, SPED
  • Heather Bell, 8th grade Language Arts
  • Alyssa Broadway, 6th Grade Math/Science
  • Maegan Buzzetta, 8th Grade Science/Social Studies
  • Lisa Eckert, SPED
  • Kristy Glendinning, Computer
  • Roxanne Henry, 8th grade Math/Science
  • Heidi Kleekamp, PE/Health
  • Stacey Lawrence, 6th grade Social Studies

  • Joseph Radi, SPED
  • Kathryn Antonelli, Science
  • Phyllis Denard, Social Studies
  • Deborah George, Communication Arts
  • Anita Gililand, Communication Arts
  • Lacey Hiatte, Foreign Language-Spanish
  • Matthew Kiesel, Math
  • Lori Krug, FACS

  • David Spak, Science
  • Jason Theodorakos, Social Studies
  • Kellie Trussell, Business
  • Kyle Austin, Communication Arts
  • Jamie Daughaday, FACS
  • Andrea Dubitsky, Communication Arts
  • Edward Dusold, Industrial Technology
  • Emily Hoehn, Business
  • Warren Honore, Business
  • Bette Kasper, Speech Pathologist
  • Desire Kirchofer, Science
Tamara Duncan August 06, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Have a wonderful school year!


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