Wentzville Chick-Fil-A Recognizes Outstanding Teachers with Red Carpet, Free Dinner

On Tuesday and Wednesday evening, the District's Teachers of the Year and their families received a free dinner and VIP service at Chick-Fil-A.

James Bennett, the owner/manager of Wentzville's Chick-Fil-A restaurant, wanted to do something special for teachers.

So he contacted Matt Deichmann, the director of community relations at Wentzville School District, with idea to give a free dinner to a teacher each month.

Deichmann had a better idea. The district had just announced the Teacher of the Year from each building, why not do something for ALL of them?

Not only did Bennett agree, he ran with the idea.

So on Tuesday and Wednesday night, the teachers of the year were treated, not only to a free dinner, but a free dinner for them and their families. They were also given the red-carpet treatment, with dinner reservations, balloons and (what else?) a red carpet.

The V.I.P. treatment included being waited on (of course) by V.I.P.s. Wentzville School District Superintendent Dr. Terry Adams and Wentzville Mayor Nick Guccione served as waiters, fetching drinks and food for the honorees.

The teachers and their families were able to visit with the famous Chick-Fil-A Cow.

Bennett said that the Wentzville location was the first Chick-Fil-A to partner with the school district to thank outstanding teachers in this way.

Congratulations to this year's teachers of the year:

  • Patty Schroer, Holt High School
  • Denys Jolliff, Timberland High School
  • Tracey Webb, Frontier Middle School
  • Carol Hinkebein, South Middle School
  • Jerry Cannon, Wentzville Middle School
  • Adrienne Pivac, Boone Trails Elementary   
  • Jennifer Reed, Crossroads Elementary
  • Sarah Bayless, Discovery Ridge Elementary
  • Jennifer Gorton, Duello Elementary School
  • Shelley Snow, Green Tree Elementary
  • Chelsea Kuhn, Heritage Primary
  • Kristina Johannes, Heritage Intermediate
  • Carla Kunstel, Lakeview Elementary
  • Sarah Moore, Peine Ridge Elementary
  • Catherine (Kay) Strobbe, Prairie View Elementary
  • Robin Cooper, Quail Ridge Early Childhood


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