Wentzville School District Approves New School Assignments, Transfer Policy for 2012-2013

Families affected by the new assignments will have until March 1 to apply for transfer.

The voted unanimously to accept a proposal for new school assignments beginning in the 2012-13 school year. At the Jan. 19 board meeting, Dr. Melody Marcantonio, Assistant Superintendent, explained the assignment plan along with a plan to deal with transfer requests.

Beginning in the fall 2012, students who will graduate in 2017 (current seventh graders) and beyond will be assigned to middle school and high school based on the following: 

  • Students residing in the boundaries of Heritage Campus, , and Peine Ridge Elementary Schools will go to and .
  • Students residing in the boundaries of , , and Schools will go to and .
  • Students residing in the boundaries of , and Schools will go to and the new high school on Sommers Road.

Current sixth graders (Class of 2018) and current seventh graders (Class of 2017) who are impacted by this change may apply for consideration to stay at their 2011-2012 assigned middle school using special intra-district transfer guidelines. 

These requests can be made by email, letter, or by using the form available in each school or on the District website. If granted, the transfer would only apply for middle school and the student would still attend their assigned high school under the new alignment. Transportation would not be included.

Children currently in grades five through 11, who will have a sibling at another high school (i.e. a student at Timberland and Holt or a student at Timberland and the new high school on Sommers Road), may apply using the special intra-district guidelines to have all siblings go to the same high school (all to Holt High School or all to Timberland High School).

Transportation may be provided under the special intra-district guidelines if transportation service to the neighborhood includes the requested destination campus in any given year.

"It will depends on if there is already a bus service for that area. It's possible that service may be available one year and not the next," Marcantonio said.

No student currently enrolled in high school during the 2011-2012 school year can apply for transfer under this school assignment proposal

The assignments and transfer guidelines were the recommendation of a committee created specifically for that purpose.

"The committee worked long and hard on the proposal. We have crafted this very carefully," Marcantonio said. "Any family who qualifies (for the transfer) will not be denied."

The District will communicate directly with the families who will be impacted by the school assignment changes to be sure that they have been notified and informed of their options.

All affected students will have the option to apply for a change in school assignment. All intra-district transfer requests for students impacted by the school assignment changes must be submitted by March 1, 2012 for consideration for the 2012-13 school year, and the district will respond to all requests by March 15, 2012. 


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