The Child Center to Be Featured Sunday on Channel 11's 'All About Business'

Executive director Ellen Teller offers advice for protecting kids from sexual abuse.

will be featured on Sunday’s episode of All About Business, a new show airing on KPLR Channel 11.

During a segment featuring nonprofit businesses in the St. Louis area, the show will feature a video with Ellen Teller, the center’s executive director.

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The video (shown here) focuses on the center’s mission: helping children who are victims of sexual abuse.

Know the Signs, Protect the Kids

Teller told Patch that all adults have a responsibility to learn the signs of abuse and to be vigilant in protecting children. You can find a list of signs of abuse at OneWithCourage.org.

“All adults have the moral and ethical obligation to report suspected child abuse, regardless of whether or not they have a legal obligation to do so as a mandated reporter,” Teller said. “And, fulfilling one’s legal obligation, which varies by state, is not a replacement for exercising one’s moral responsibility to personally report suspected abuse.”

She said that kids are not responsible for their own protection, but that it’s important to teach them about safe and unsafe touches, as well as who they can go to for help if they feel uncomfortable about a particular touch.

“Sex offenders are clever about finding opportunities to have access to children and groom adults to lower their boundaries about contact with their children in the same way that they groom children for sexual contact,” Teller said. “All parents should sense a ‘red flag’ if any adult seeks to spend significant amounts of time alone with your child.”

She said that this includes friends, coaches, ministers, teachers and even family members.

“We expect tremendous courage on the part of victims to make disclosures about their abuse, as adults we can do no less in believing them and reporting this to alleviate their suffering,” she added.

The segment will air at 9 a.m. Sunday. For more information about the Child Center, visit their web site.


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