Joy Gilbert-West
marketing/promotions manager of TalkSTL.comcom
I am part of a really cool company TalkSTL.com. We are a completely online radio station, with state of the art studios that not only are audio, but have video as well...located in Wentzville MO. Our station is unique as it is a completely online-primarily talk format, with live show daily from 9a-6p with lots of niche programming everything from car to movie talk. Again all hosted by well known personalities from stations such as The Point and many sports stations. While we reach all over the greater STL area, we tend to do a LOT in our own backyard. We work with majority of local businesses and have been going strong for over 2 years. We are all well known radio personalities, veterans of the music industry AND the voice of all of the FAMILY ARENA TEAMS (St Charles Chill, St Louis Ambush, and coming soon the St Louis Attack). What's unique is that over 19,000 people a day and growing ACTIVELY listen or download our shows DAILY. It's not like regular radio, where you just flip around, listeners take the time to download from our site or Itunes and various listening sites. You can listen directly from our site TALKSTL.com or download our app and listen straight from your phone. It's all free...and we don't clutter up with commercials. We partner wit good solid businesses, many right here, that stick with us because it WORKS! We are proud to see that what we are doing, people enjoy so much it keeps us going! We would love to get to know more people in the community and see what we can do for you. We have a saying, it's nice to be nice to the nice. Let us know about what you do...let us see if we can bring you into the studios or come up with a fun, creative idea for you...We've always got time to talk and see what we can do for you-doesn't cost a thing to chat-we want to know about you! contact me at joytalkstl@gmail.com
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