Shane Rice
 Shane Rice was born Sept. 2 1979 in St. Louis, MO. He has two daughters and is very family motivated. When Rice was 14 he received his first publication when his poetry was inducted into the International Poetry Society. Many years later, Rice started working as a journalist. “Writing is an art and a passion for me. It gives me strength and leaves me humble,” Rice said.In 2010 Rice started working as a staff writer for his college newspaper, The Montage. Colleges saw something in his ability to write that seemed powerful and real. “I started writing feature pieces and then moved my way into News, Sports and I even dabbled in a relationship column,” Rice said. Later in the year Rice found his own internship with Zoom Magazine out of St. Charles, MO. According to Rice the internship only lasted three weeks before he was offered a permanent position as a feature writer. “I love it. I get to meet and question celebrities, as well as, talk to people that make a difference in our world. I wouldn’t change this career for anything.” Rice claims to be a humbled individual and tries not to take too much for granted or to seriously. He said it’s by remaining humble that doors or opportunities present themselves over and over again. “I’m a journalist, a writer, a father and a student. It’s my way of living and seeing life and I’m perfectly OK with that.”
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